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Curt and Tammy Jackson spent many years owning and operating Leather Gallery, while they were happy with their small family business, they began searching for a way to expand and bring that small family business feeling to others across the nation. One thing they realized is that most “American made” apparel meant that the clothes were getting their last stitch in America and not necessarily being American made from start to finish. After spending time working to figure out how to turn their dreams into a reality, Curt and Tammy founded Liberty Wear in February of 2010.  

Liberty Wear started as a small family-owned business, and while still family owned we have expanded into a much larger business thanks to the help of our many loyal customers. Liberty Wear is now an American made wholesale clothing brand that has a variety of styles and sizes to offer through an open stock selection. Our brand is in over 1,000 stores across America as well as internationally. Throughout our large expansion we have been dedicated to maintaining our small business feel from a family that we want you to feel a part of.

As a part of our Liberty Wear family, we want you to know that we are flourishing and expanding, and what those changes might look like for all of you. Liberty Wear is in the process of a transition that will help improve our development as we continue to grow our business by basing all of our operations out of Amarillo, Texas. Liberty Wear will still be family owned but will now be operated by Curt’s daughter and her husband. Joanna and Eric Campbell have worked alongside Curt and Tammy gaining knowledge of Liberty Wear and the core values that will carry on. Eric mentioned that, “Nothing is changing besides the growth and expansion of our business”, Joanna also added that, “We are still dedicated to making our customers feel like they are a part of our family when they do business with us”.  

We are excited for the future, and we are ready to make you a part of the Liberty Wear family. While a few things at Liberty Wear are changing our goal will remain the same; to meet all of your fashion needs while honoring our heritage. Curt, Tammy, Eric, Joanna, and the rest of us at Liberty Wear are thrilled to continue creating and providing all of you with quality, comfy, and trendy American made apparel.

Thank you all for being a part of our Liberty Wear family!

Why Liberty Wear?



Liberty Wear was founded on February 10, 2010 by Curt and Tammy Jackson. After many years of owning and managing Leather Gallery, the couple, decided to pursue American made women’s apparel. Our mission from the beginning, is to fit and flatter all body types. We offer a wide range of sizes and styles including, western, biker, boutique, tourist and more! We have something for everyone!