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The most important thing to us, here at Liberty Wear is making sure our customers do the best that they can. Whether they are try to selling more product or just get their name out there, We are here to help. One of the most tried and true methods for great sales and even greater brand recognition is custom t-shirt design. We closely work with our customers to create spectacular custom tops with that signature Liberty Wear flair. But what if your not ready for a completely custom design? What can you do to boost your sales, promote your brand or event? Luckily, we have the solution. Our name drop program is a great way to bridge the gap between developing a custom top and simply just carrying our product.

So what is a name drop? A name drop, is simply adding your company name, location, or even your logo to any of our tops for a small additional price. They are a great way to easily customize our product for your needs. Name drops work great if you are trying to sell in a tourist location. Add the name of a tourist destination to our American made tops is a guaranteed way to sell more product, especially if you have a heavy flow of out of towners coming to your shop looking for souvenirs!

This method has worked wonders for hundreds of our customers. We have done thousands of name drops for Full Throttle Saloon, and their close friends in the band Jackyl. Their name drops have done so well for them, that not only do they continue to sell name dropped Liberty Wear tops, they have taken the next step to full custom tops!

“JACKYL name drop on 7511 – American Moto Club”

Similarly, name drops work great for events. Name dropping our tops with locations like “Daytona, Beach”, “Sturgis, SD” or “Blackhills” gives vendors a clear advantage when they are selling at these events. Name drops are also a quick and easy way to customize tops for fundraisers or charity events. We’ve done tons of great work for Breast Cancer Awareness adding a custom name drop to our tops.

So if you are interesting in boosting your sales and creating something a little more exciting for your business, name drops are a proven way to do so. You can always e-mail our sales team or give us a call if you have any questions. We are always here to help!