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As you all are probably aware, trade show season is picking back up for the Fall. We try our very best to make it to events that we know you’ll be at! We understand there are many exhibitors that want your attention and will stop at nothing to make sure you’re in their booth with a credit card in hand. That’s not the kind of business we are (everyone can breathe a sigh of relief now). We want to ensure ease and a stress free experience when talking with us so to save you time and away from the grasps of persistent sales associates trying to capture you in their booth, here are our best sellers by show:

WWIN: 8/13/18 – 8/16/18: Booth 308

With class to sass and elegance over it all, we have something for your boutique! Keep in mind all tops come true to size and all up to 3x (some even 4x!) Plenty of rhinestones and foil to keep you shining or a subtle design to keep it casual.

(left to right) 7533, 7667, 7628, 7851, 7926

WESA: 9/7/18 – 9/9/18: Booth: 3446

We have exactly what you need to spice up your western wardrobe! Steer skulls and flourish galore!

(left to right) 7012, 8367, 7521, 7290

Las Vegas Gift Show: 9/25/18 – 9/28/18: booth 1747

We haven’t forgotten about the tourist industry! All new Nashville tops have been added to our expanding list of destinations. These tops make great souvenirs that stand out in your store!

(left to right) 7633N, 7005, 7632, 7631


IGES: 11/4/18 – 11/7/18: Booth: 6812

As you can see, we have a wide variety of apparel to match your specific needs. Don’t let us forget to mention we’re open stock too! Only get the sizes and styles you want when you want. We won’t drown you in product you don’t need! From bikers, to tourist stores, to western stores, to something elegant, to something patriotic, we got it!

(left to right) 7564, 7220, 7013, 7642


Hope to see you at the shows & please contact us for any questions or concerns!