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Spring is finally here and feathers are in! This years has already shown us that people are looking for exciting new delicate and elegant tops, and Liberty Wear has a variety of feather inspired tops that are already becoming big sellers! If you are looking for sophisticated boutique style, look no further! Here are some of our most fashionable feather tops!

7869 – Feather Drops
The newest addition to our line, this top, on our popular loose fit fringe bodystyle, features a beautiful feather design and sparkling rhinestone rain droplets! This top is so dazzling it’s sure to fly off the shelves this season.

7571 – Feather Collar Tank
Elegant and casual, this top is perfect for the warmer weather to come! Similar to our Feather collar top from 2017, this one ditches the sleeves for a whole new exciting flavor!

7673 – Phoenix Feathers 
Introduced towards the end of Fall last year, Phoenix Feathers has truly come to life this season! Featuring a trendy cold-shoulder bodystyle and a unique neckline, this top has proved to be one of Liberty Wear most popular styles.

7642 – Blossomed Elegance
A re-imagined take on a Liberty Wear classic! Blossomed Elegance has a vibrant feathers and roses design on the front, an open shoulder look, and a laser cut back giving this top an edgy yet delicate look that will surely turn some heads!

8370 – Feathers & Beads
Another classic spring look, this 2018 Liberty Wear style has a lightly colored pastel feather design on a dark mocha body with a very loose fit flowing body. This new sleeveless cardigan is a must have for anyone!

As you can see, these fabulous feather tops are a great look for any occasion. We have many more feather influenced styles in our 2018 catalog. Let us know which one is your favorite!