Now that Spring is here, Liberty Wear urges you to see what’s new for tank tops this year. We want to make sure you get the style you deserve with the function you need. We carry some familiar faces that you may already know of such as our Arrowhead Tank, but we are excited to present to you all new tanks perfect for the warmer weather. We strive to have a large variation of body styles, from our form athletic fitting Leopard Fleury Tank to our loose and relaxed fit Freedom Halter Top. For those who aren’t on our emailing list, we urge you to join to get bigger insights, browse full lines, and see exclusive offers.

We can’t wait to get out there and enjoy the fresh air just like you. Make it an fashionable Spring and we look forward to hearing from you!

What a month it’s been! April is quickly approaching and our show season is sadly coming to an end. Now it’s time to focus on the path ahead and make our upcoming season even better.

We are already in the process of developing custom designs for new first time Liberty Wear retailers and many more of our new customers are loving how easy it is to customize their orders with our Name Drop Program! If you are not familiar with our Name Drop Program here is a quick run-down of how it works.

We create a unique Name Drop based on your business’ name, location, or anything else that you want! It only costs a one time set-up fee of $150. adding a Name Drop to any of our tops is only $1 extra per shirt. Here are some examples:

Adding a personalized Name Drop to our tops is a simple way to give them your signature flair AND boost your sales!

If you are interested in our Name Drop Program and how it works just give us a call at 937-550-9466 or send us an e-mail at

2017 has already been a great year for us! We’ve been visiting trade shows around the country, showing off our new line and the response has been amazing. People are loving our new styles! One thing that has really got folks excited is our newly developed Liberty Wear Sample Parties. This year, we are providing this new service to our customers that will be sure to boost sales. it’s simple and it works! We send you a package of clothing samples and more that is specific to your business. Once you have your unique sample package you can throw any kind of party you want. An in-store fashion  show, a viewing event for top customers, or even a wine & cheese party. Have customers place orders for the samples they like and you can really boost your sales and customer relationships fast. Many of our customers have already had their own Liberty Wear Sample Party and they are LOVING IT! We are very excited about this new service and hope we can develop it into something even more fantastic.

To learn more about our sample parties and even try one for free click on this link here: LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR SAMPLE PARTIES






As you know, Liberty Wear has men’s blanks to create the perfect shirt from our designs.Then our women’s V neck became available to add available graphics to that.NOW we have just included 3 new styles!
We want you to have the ability to create numerous styles that suit your individual taste. The new styles include: American made Mini Shark tail, American made Short Sleeve w/ Lace Sides, and finally an American made Short Sleeve V Neck Top.



Order as blanks or place our hand picked graphics to them. Our customizable selection is sure to give you total control over what styles go in your retail store! Have fun creating!

We are excited to say our next catalog is here for 2017! It’s available to download from our members website to see all the styles officially revealed. A bunch of new styles are coming in so we will be sure to meet your demands right away! One style sure to please is our 7550 Women’s Diamond Eyed Calavera Tank Top. Available in Black & Ivory with a unique cut on the backside.This top is the perfect way to express yourself a little more! Stay updated to hear more about our new looks.

We are approaching the end of 2016 and we are so excited for the new year! Liberty Wear’s line of new apparel for 2017 is very special to us. We have a few styles available for purchase already as well as some for pre order. We have worked very hard creating what we think is our most 7838-blk-f1ambitious line yet! The styles coming soon are sure to delight! We have a new catalog coming out featuring all the product that we’re so eager to share. We’ll be ready to get a catalog in your hands and  we’ll have it published on our website to view digitally. Our social media has been revamped so be  sure to follow us on facebook, twitter, and instagram! Join our mailing list  and fill out an application to become a member on our site so you don’t miss out on everything to come. We are so excited to start 2017 off right so keep your eyes open for more! “