Fall is finally here and it’s time to wave goodbye to tank tops and short sleeves. Liberty Wear has a lot to offer when looking for long sleeve tops. Here are just a few of our best selling long sleeve tops, as well as some promising newcomers!

Vintage Love – 7296

This vintage style long sleeve top has been a best seller of ours for two years now and it’s still going strong. Perfect for a casual but classy look!


Vintage Bike – 7122

Continuing with our vintage theme, here is the Vintage Bike, in a classic baseball tee inspired body. Great for an old school look with a touch of daring biker fashion!


Blushing Cactus – 7120

Onward to new styles! This stylish newcomer to sure to be a big hit in 2018. The NEW Blushing Cactus long sleeve top has a comfortable worn look and a cute cactus and rose design design that would look great in any wardrobe!


Adorned with Nature – 7674

For those searching for a more elegant look, here is our new Adorned with Nature top. This stylish top comes with lace sleeve and open shoulders for a very feminine look.


These are just some of our stylish best selling long sleeve tops. To see these and more of our fall tops that are sure to keep you fashionable and warm, click here!

Here at Liberty Wear, we believe that size DOES matter. Specifically the true-to-size fit of our American made women’s tops. People come in all shapes and sizes and it can be hard out there for a woman to find stylish and comfortable clothes that fit well and make you look great! That’s way we try to keep things simple with the sizing of our tops.

Liberty Wear sizing typically ranges from sm to 3xl, while select styles also come in xs and 4xl. Not only do our tops come in a variety of different styles to fit all body types, they also styles fit true-to-size to make things easy on our customer. You will look great in just about any of our tops.

Our sizing is simple and easy to understand for retailers and consumers. Here is an example of our basic size chart for our stand v-neck women’s top.

See all of our easy to read sizing charts here: http://store.liberty-wear.com/americanmade-sizing.html